Aftercare Instructions

Leave the Dry-Lock bandage on for a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 10 hours. This allows your skin to build up its protective layer against bacteria and gems. When you remove the bandage, there will be ink on it. This is normal!

Always wash hands with an antibacterial soap before removing bandage. Never re-bandage tattoo!

Wash tattoo with a neutral soap such as Neutrogena. Gently use your hands to rub soap over tattoo. Never use a washcloth or sponge. Pat dry tattoo with a towel. Never rub your tattoo dry. This will help avoid pulling any of the ink out of the skin that may be attached to a scab.

Clean your tattoo 3 to 5 times a day until heated. When the tattoo begins to scab and dry out, apply lotion. You want to keep the tattoo moist, but not wet.

When choosing a lotion, you must choose one with no fragrances and no acre or oil removers.

We recommend that you use Lubriderm or Moisturel, which are both a basic dry skin lotion with no additives that may react with your tattoo. We have found that some intensive dry skin lotions contain additives that react with tattoo ink, causing the ink to reject.

Average heating time is anywhere from 7 to 14 days.

Never pick your scabs, no matter how itchy they may become. Lightly slap the tattoo to get rid of the itch.

Touch ups are free for 60 days, except for feet and hand tattoos, which have a $60 touch up fee.

You must keep your tattoo out of the sun and away from tanning beds until you are healed.The sun and tanning beds will fade the color in your tattoo faster than anything else. When you are healed, we strongly recommend applying sunscreen to your tattoo.

You do not need to apply Polysporin, Bactine or any other chemical product to your tattoo. Soap and water, along with oxygen, will heal your tattoo better than anything that contains chemicals and synthetics. Chemical products will cause a longer heating time and may react with your tattoo ink.